Janice was introduced to me through a mutual friend a few years ago, I knew she was training to become a Tellington TTouch Practitioner and at the time not having animals, I didn’t think much more about it.  Since then, I have welcomed a spaniel X terrier into my life, who is a lovely little girl, unfortunately she does have some reactivity issues with men.  I though of Janice immediately and called her for help.  

I was amazed at how quickly Janice was able to calm Nicky down and how willing she was to have Janice work with her.  After a few treatments I noticed a huge difference in Nicky’s reactivity level towards men, she still barks; but she will calm easily and stay calm!

During one treatment session, Nicky continued to follow Janice around even after the treatment was over!  I have nothing the highest regard for Janice’s ability to help animals of all types and her genuine desire to help and heal.  I will always return to Janice whenever I need her services.

Thanks Janice!

Dawn G.
Victoria, BC.

My shepherd X Archie has a degenerative bone disorder and Janice was amazing at helping him with pain control and teaching me some techniques to help when he has a flare up.  She has my sincere gratitude and recommendation.

Frank G.
Victoria, BC

Janice has done TTouch work on many of our animals, particularly our dog, Peanut. He was a large Lab cross and had become increasingly fearful about going to his annual checkup with our vet. He got to the point where he wouldn’t even go into the office and had to have the exam and shots done outside. We had a series of 4 sessions with Janice where she taught us to apply TTouch techniques to reduce Peanut’s fearfulness. After about a month of learning and application, he was able to have his exam INSIDE the exam room with a minimum of anxiety. This was a huge breakthrough, both for us and Peanut.

K. Cruzelle
Victoria BC



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